BAS Statements in Reckon Home and Business - manual workaround

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Dear All,
I'm posting this to save others the same frustration.

I use Reckon Home & Business for my business finances and use downloads from my bank for all transactions.

The BAS Report does not report any transactions because I don't do invoices and purchases through Reckon, so there are no tax codes on the transactions.  It is not possible to put tax codes against transactions directly.

Reckon's solution for the BAS Report is, for every transaction, to split them and record the GST component separately.

I'm not prepared to do this, so instead, I'm doing this:

- Creating tags for all the amounts I need to provide in my BAS.  For consulting, these are G1, 1A and 1B. 
- Then I'm allocating a tag against all the transactions in my Business Account using these tags above.
- Then I've created a Custom Report for Spending by Category to provide me the transactions.  My criteria are: my Business Account only, Business Categories only, last quarter, with the selected tags.
- From there, I export the transactions to Excel and calculate the GST collected on my income and paid on purchases.  The GST is 1/11 of the transaction amount.   (Reckon doesn't let you add a report column that is calculated from another)

It would be great if Reckon supported businesses that used bank accounts for their transactions, or at least let us enter a Tax Code against each transaction to fit in with the existing reports.  Then Reckon could calculate the GST component and save a lot of business owners a lot of time.


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    Splitting of transactions has been in place in the Reckon Home & Business (formerly CashBook) program since the inception of GST - almost 19 years.  This has always been the case to get the GST to populate on the BAS.  I find this a lot simpler than the manual method you are describing above, which could lead to a lot of manual errors?
    If you assign a usual tax code to a category or memorise the transaction, then it is a very fast way of entering the data.
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    I download all transactions from my bank into Reckon, and currently Reckon does not allow the manual assignment of a Tax Code to a transaction. 

    I assigned Tax Codes to categories and then assigned the Category to the downloaded transactions, and the Tax Code did not follow through.  The BAS report was still all 0's.

    If there is a simple way to do the split, please tell me.  My understanding is that I would have to edit each individual transaction, manually calculate the GST and transaction amounts and enter them in the split window. 

    My manual work-around isn't foolproof, but for me, much quicker than splitting transactions and I can see any errors. 
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    have you thought of upgrading to a double entry program that does track the gst, even Reckon One tracks gst, you can download transactions from your bank all for around $10 a month.
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    Thanks.  I was looking for a way to do my BAS with my existing program, and it looked like it had all the stuff in it.