Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts Member Posts: 3
RESC amounts are being duplicated on some employees each pay run. It seems entirely random - does not happen with all SS amounts and does not happen with the same employees each week. 
The errors can be rectified by editing the pay cheque ie deleting the SS amount and re-entering but it is painful especially with the upcoming need to switch to STP.
Has anybody come across a solution other than the need to subsequently edit?


  • Joanne Sedgman
    Joanne Sedgman Member Posts: 24
    edited June 2019
    I was doing my payment summaries for the year and the RESC was not being recorded on a couple of random pays.I had to delete the pays and reinstate them and then the amounts appeared correctly on the payment summaries. Seemed completely random. Annoying. Luckily I check.