Hi everyone I have reckon accounts hosted my problem is it was so slow today and now I can't even

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Hi everyone I have had reckon accounts desktop for years now and have recently changed to reckon accounts hosted and I have had endless problems my latest problem is it was so slow today and now I can't even click on anything . Please help


  • Beverley Ann
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    We thought moving from Desktop to the Cloud would be awesome.  Not so - very clunky - very slow.  I am disappointed.  I think there is so much Cloud traffic we have to wait in line sometimes.   Good luck with it.;
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    Make sure you do a regular backup with full verification - this clears your .tlg file - which will improve performance of the data file a great deal.  Also make sure you clear your browser cache regularly... this too helps with performance of the file.
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    Hi Vicky

    What internet do you have ADSL or NBN & what speed?
    Are you having issues with anything else on the internet or just hosted?
    When you log into RAH and are looking at the Launch/Control Panel on the RH side you sill see a link "test my speed"
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    Mine is deadly slow today, thought it was my internet but I've checked my nbn upload/download and wifi is fine.  Only the reckon portal it's slow on. Pinging has it timing out on app.reckonone.com but not main sites. Trace route has it timing out down the track once it's Telstra side. Telstra troubleshooting has come back clear.  What's the deal??? Server issues?