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Price Levels

Ray Box
Ray Box Member Posts: 2
edited January 2020 in Reckon Accounts (Desktop)
Hi all, I'm Reckon Newbie... 

I'm using Reckon Accounts Premier 2019.  Currently we only have a base/wholesale price for products in our system.  I want to create a Retail price on a selected number of product with varying prices, not a % on.

When I create the price level I choose the Price Level Type as (Per Item, varies per item)  I then  select the products and put in the custom prices.  As an example I might only do 10 products out of 100 for retail.

When I go to Item list and add a column to see the Retail Price Level it shows the 10 out of 100 items at the correct prices that I entered but the other 90 items it shows the base/wholesale  price even though I didn't enter a price for that product.

Shouldn't they be $0.00 if didn't put a custom price in?  Or does Reckon automatically duplicate the base/wholesale unless a vary it?

Hope that makes sense.


  • Kellie Cockerell
    Kellie Cockerell Member Posts: 25
    edited September 2019
    So what your saying is the base/wholesale figure is showing in the retail column as well?  Reckon just carries this figure across until you go and change it.  If you go into Price Level List you will see these items don't actually have a figure beside them.  Or if you select them when invoicing they should only have one rate to choose from.
    Hope this helps.
  • Ray Box
    Ray Box Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2019
    Thanks Kellie!