Edit unpaid payslip

Jaime FJaime F Member Posts: 6
Am I able to edit a payslip that hasn't been paid and the associated Stp file hasn't been exported. I'd like to either delete it or just adjust the date and use it next week. Any help would be appreciated. TIA


  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)Kwikbooks (Professional Partner) Member Posts: 876
    edited April 2020
    Hi Jaime

    Yes, simply open the paycheque, change the date >next to save.

    or, open the paycheque >file>delete paycheque

    If you need to amend the pay itself, open the paycheque in question> paycheque detail> unlock the pay and make changes - save and do next when you are back at the paycheque.

    run your stp report & upload.
  • Jaime FJaime F Member Posts: 6
    edited June 2020
    Thank you. Ideally I'd like to just delete it - so deleting the paycheque automatically deletes the payslip data as well? I don't need to do anything else?
  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
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    thats correct - no paycheque, no payslip
  • Jaime FJaime F Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2019
    Thanks Linda I really appreciate your response
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