Reckon Accounts Premier 2019 (desktop) Query - How do you create & lodge an Update Event

Michelle Maree Anderson
Michelle Maree Anderson Member Posts: 1
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Hi there, I use Reckon Accounts Premier 2019 (desktop) and I just wanted to know how to go about creating and lodging an Update Event for STP.

I've been reporting STP for the last few months successfully.  My query now is, how do I process and lodge an Update Event?  We are a very small business and were recently on leave (out of internet access, so I had arranged for pay runs and reporting for my husband and myself but one of our employees was called in to work while we were away, hence, I now need to revisit four (4) files previously lodged.  Can somebody please help and possibly, talk me through the process?

Many thanks in anticipation of somebody's help ....cheers, Michelle :)