How to use Excel Stock Data Type to manually upload US daily stock price into Reckon Personal easil

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At this point time, the US daily share price update is not working. Manual update is the only workaround. The community has an article of using csv template file to import reckon for daily update. The issue is how to get the US stock daily price source easily and get them into the csv file. 

I use Excel stock data type to get the source price data easily, then cut and paste special value to another csv file, then import to Reckon. I tested successfully. This helps me a lot 

Some key tricks as below 
  • In first column, just key in the stock symbol, then highlight the cells while press Stock sign button, Excel will translated into the full details of stocks.
  • You need to create a second column with ticket symbol only
  • For each full detail stock, a form pop up at up right corner, drop down to choose the price and last trade time
  • click  Refresh all to get data updated 
  • You need to format the price and last trade time as shown 
  • You need to past special value of the 3 columns to the csv template file. It is NOT good idea to save the excel file as csv file  in this case
  • Refer below  on how to import the csv file to Reckon.

Hope this helps



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    Diver, thank your reply. I did't try Yahoo approach. In my approach, save the excel file. Next time, you only need to press  Refresh All to get the updated price, then cut and paste to csv file, import the file to Reckon.