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Using Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2019. After renewing our Annual Licence I have found an issue with how our Tax Invoice Templates are printing. I usually lose our logo but that problem seems to have been fixed by Reckon as the Logo has not disappreared this time around. The issue I have encountered this week is that our Tax Invoice's are now printing without lines as shown on our templates. The print preview shows lines and text boxes but once printed there are none. Can anyone supply me with an easy fix for this issue please? 


  • Kris_Williams
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    Is the paper set to print on letterhead? I have no other suggestions
  • Adam Dardick
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    When you are at the print option to choose the printer, there is a tick box that says “do not print lines around each field”. Make sure this is unticked. I have found after upgrades it does tick this for some users image
  • Tania_10371353
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    issue resolved...thank you. Seems the upgrade has changed my Print On Preference to Reckon Preprinted Forms and not Blank Paper as I always have it set to. I have adjusted back to Balnk Paper and this has now resolved my issue.