Norton Anti Virus and Reckon Accounts ( or Personal Home and Business or whatever it is)

Jack Oster
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When attempting to export a report into text delimited format, Norton got in the way and blocked QW.exe. When I attempt to run QW.exe, I get 'windows cannot access the specified path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access them'. Norton support was worse than useless, and blamed QW.exe. So after 15 years I can't use Reckon Accounts or whatever it is. Been waiting for Reckon Support > hour. I've gone into File Explorer and gave all users permission to do everything. 
My first solution is to reinstall software to a different folder. Any thoughts?
Thanks from rural Victoria


  • Andrew Christie
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    edited January 2020
    Hi Jack
    Sorry to hear that you are using Norton
    As a general rule first thing I would do is uninstall Norton, activate Microsoft's Defender afterwards and try again. Just to make certain that you have rid yourself of Norton perhaps use a secondary uninstaller like Revo or IObit. Re-boot and see if Reckon works.

    If you still have an issue then an uninstall of Reckon, re-boot and a re-install would be my next step.