Restore backup in Personal 2020 W10

Lorna Hall
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I'm having trouble finding the file I want to restore.  I've done it before so not sure what the problem is.
I've posted an attachment with the menu items I'm seeing.

And while I'm at it, I've always wondered what files are needed and where.  I have a folder called Reckon which has my current Reckon files.

I'm assuming each .QDF has matching HCX, IDZ, QEL qin and QPH files.  That's all I've got in my "Reckon" folder, besides a User Guide.

I have a sub-folder called Backup which creates the same files daily? attaching a number from 1 to 5 - as I've selected to retain 5 backups. 
But what are these?  They're not the same as a .rkn which is created if I do a backup.

And which should I use if I want to restore or use a previous file. 

And how do I get to these or my .rkn files, given what I'm presented with as in my attachment i.e.
I've always backed up weekly to an external drive but I can't find how to get to these backups from this menu. .  In the past I'm sure I've been able to browse to find a file to restore but nothing in sight here.
I'd really appreciate your assistance.


  • Lorna Hall
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    Thanks again Dave. 
    The restore backup of the .rkn file isn't displaying the browse folders (as per my screen shots). 
    However, based on your feedback above, I found an option to turn off the .rkn option and now get the backups as you describe - that's fine.  Just don't know why the restore isn't working the way i'd expected.  At least I found out when it didn't matter.
    All the best

  • John Campbell
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    I have not used restore or opened another file set for a while, but:

    1) I would recommend against opening files in the backup folder as this could confuse the Reckon backup process. Instead copy the complete set of files (for a single backup) into a new directory and change their name to a new short name, see 3.

    2) If restoring from a backup, you can either use restore from the .rkn file or copy the file set in the .rkn (rename as .zip) file to a new directory (like point 1) and give them a new name.

    3) Importantly, when changing the name of the set of (5,6 or 7) files, choose a short name and a short directory name, as Reckon probably haven't fixed the bug with using long dos file names or long tree names. Note the name must be the same for all files in the set, but with their unique extension. An example I have done is to restore into c:\temp\rkn_01\qdata1.qdf etc. Note in this I have retained the set name of "qdata1" and identified it via the tree name c:\temp\rkn_01. If you want to review another set, you could try c:\temp\rkn_02\qdata2.qdf etc. Your example Super_20200201_error.qph is asking for trouble as "Super_20200201_error" is more than 8 characters (old dos limit).

    You can open multiple sets of files in different directories, but you need to make sure which set becomes the default for RPP when you have finished.
  • Lorna Hall
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    Many thanks to both of you for your assistance.  Hopefully won't be needed but I'm glad to have it clarified.