i am trying to install quicken Personal 2011 and keep getting an error and the system crashes. The

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I cannot install my Personal 2011 Quicken.  When I enter my installation code, the screen goes to try to contact the activation server and then I get the message that an error has occurred and the program has to close.  It provides an error code:  7093.  I have repeatedly uninstalled and reiinstalled the software and spoken to the people at Quicken 4 times with no-one being able to help me


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    read the  above link which is  also  the second  link on related conversations and has the explanation why  you cant renew online.

  • Mario_10087432
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    Hi Sue,

    You may need to contact us to register your Quicken Personal 2011 software. The steps to register your software are:

    1. Click on Cancel

    2. Click on Activate by Telephone

    3. Call our registrations team  and read out the Product Key to them. 
    4. Enter the licence key generated, and click OK. 

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    I've got the same problem with trying to reinstall Quicken 2010  - got locked out of my already installed software (perpetual licence from a CD installation. Did this suggested fix work?

  • Mario_10087432
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    Hi @Stan116 ,

    This solution is a workaround to registering your software, since on many occasions, attempting online activation causes the Quicken to crash and throw errors.

    If this does not resolve your problem, please reply with a screenshot of the error on your computer so we could better understand your issue .

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