screen refresh problems using microsoft edge

Clifford Eagle
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Started to migrate to Microsoft Edge from Explorer. I like Explorer and don't like Edge generally, and notice refreshing issues when using Edge. Not noticed in explorer. Quite regularly, a new reckon screen includes irregular blocks of a previous screen. so two screens in one. If you minimise and expand again, the unwanted blocks go away (usually), sometimes you have to go to a new screen and back again to get rid of the unwanted blocks. So far have only seen the screen refresh issue while using Reckon hosted on Edge. Does anyone know of any Edge/Recon settings that will improve the screen issue?


  • Rav
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    Hi Clifford.
    Our tech team recommends Google Chrome as the preferred browser of choice when using Reckon Accounts Hosted primarily due to some of the issues and limitations that Edge and even Explorer present.
    In saying that, what you've described seems to be a common and wider issue with Microsoft Edge in some cases. I've found this article online which might be useful -

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    I always use Firefox for Reckon Hosted and Reckon One, have no problems