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Andrew Field
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There appears to be a bug with the 2020 version of Reckon Accounts Personal Plus.  Transfers between accounts results in "Transfer Cancelled" error.  Uninstall and reinstall results in the same problem.  Renaming accounts that are in foreign currency does not fix the problem.  Help needed


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  • mark phillips_10612431
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    I think there is a little more to this.

    I just removed 2019 and installed 2020 and noticed this issue. 

    I'm a very casual user and only use Reckon to track share purchases and share sales so have not previously really worried about "transfer account" reconciliation.

    Checking back I found a few transfers that had not occurred however I had not seen the transfer cancelled message before 2020, so I started investigating.

    Repeatedly editing of the share purchase / sale transaction and selecting from cash account then save then back to transfer to/from another account did not seem to fix it. remember this is a fresh install. 

    Checked the currency list it seemed ok.

    Seems I had un-ticked download currency rates back in 2016 and the rates had not updated since 2016 ( it tells you). Once I ticked download currency rates and updated them, Reckon shutdown by itself and I had to restart it.

    Seems now any edit process now correctly transfers the funds even just changing the date of the Share transaction by a day. 

    Still working my way back through the years it seems I had manually fixing some of the transfer account balances, now if I edit a transfer that had failed I have double entries....

    Enjoy..if you are still seeing the message.

  • mark phillips_10612431
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    Nope still seeing strange issues with cash from cash transfers option in share purchase and sales for my past transactions.

    Going back a few years I find some transaction records either do not have the "Use Cash for this Transaction" Option box to select where to get the cash for the transaction, or if they do have it you can select from another account then it ignores you when you save the edited transaction and the transaction remains a "Bought" instead of "BoughtX" 

    Recreating the transaction seems to work.

    I suspect new transactions will be ok also.

    I'm at a loose.....