Problems with Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2020: File validation and exporting report date to Exce

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I am a log time user of Reckon Personal Plus (20 years). I am currently using Personal Plus 2020. When I go to File operations: Validate: all that happens is my file closes completely without doing the validation. Likewise if I try to change the file name of my file the same thing, the program just closes.

In regard to reports, when I select export data to Excel, again the program closes without doing the export to Excel.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program from my CD disc without success.

I am using Window 7.

I have never had these problems in the past, obviously something has happened.

Any assistance much appreciated

PS I find I cannot log in to Reckon Community using Safari on my  MacBook Air, is there a reason for this.


  • Dan Fardon
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    I cannot comment on Reckon PP 2020 validation etc.

    However, to export Reckon reports to Excel, I simply:
    a) Open the Excel in which I wish to export the Reckon report to,
    b) Create the Reckon Report using the Report command just above the account register,
    c) Right-click the report screen, and select CTRLC, which copies the Report to the Windows Clipboard, and
    d) Place the cursor in the Excel worksheet where I wish to place the top left-hand corner of the Report
    e) Click CTRL V which pastes the report into the Workbook.

    I then rearrange and reformat the Report in the Excel Workbook and paste additional reports into it if needed.

    I hope this helps.

    Dan Fardon 
  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Can you make a "copy" of your data file (File > File Operations > Copy) and then rename the copy to less than 8 characters?
  • MarkR
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    With regard to your PS problem, go to Safari/preference/privacy/Website tracking and un-tick Prevent cross-site tracking