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I've just generated the Taxable Payment Annual Report for review and have found that the report doesn't pick up Credits that suppliers have provided due to error's or using our our labour in the projects.  Therefore these amounts haven't been paid to the supplier.

The report is showing a higher amount paid and not picking up the credit's.

How can I fix prior to lodging without changing prior period transactions (GST) already lodged?


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    Hi Kylie

    Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the integrated TPAR feature as it can only pick up Cheque & Bill Payment transactions.

    I have a memorised report I create specifically for TPAR which I cross-reference my TPAR-feature-generated data with this as this report is more accurate.

    TIP: If your report Preferences are set to Net, edit the Preference to Gross for the purposes of this report.  (You can change it back to Net again once the report is modified & memorised as it will retain it)

    • Do a “Find” on your applicable TPAR-related account(s) for the last FY
    • Generate it into a report & add/remove columns as required (I have Type, Date, Num, Description, Paid Amount & Tax Amount – in that order)
    • In “Modify Report”, make sure you have “Cash” basis selected & select “Supplier” for Total by, “Date” for Sort by & select to Sort inAscending order
    • On the Header/Footer tab, type in “Annual TPAR Report” as the Report Title
    • Click OK to save/update
    • If necessary, re-order any columns as preferred then when happy with the layout, click on Memorise (I have it memorised under my “Suppliers” Report Group)

    If you have any Suppliers which you have both (non-incidental) Labour AND Materials from, I’d recommend setting up 2 Suppliers.  

    All the details can be identical, except for the List Name – eg 1 could be called “ABC (Lab)” & the other would be “ABC (Mat)

    This allows you to separate the components for TPAR reporting accuracy.

    (It’s now possible to enter the TPAR Suppliers directly into the Portal so if there are only a handful & the integrated TPAR feature data isn’t correct, I do this rather than uploading an TPAR Export File)

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    Hi Shaz,
    Thanks for this.  I have written report.  All good but I think Reckon should review this to include Credit's in the totals.
    Cheers Kylie