New installation incomplete. What can I do?

The Frij
The Frij Member Posts: 1
I have been trying to load new software for Reckon Accounts Personal Plus for a week now. It has been downloading the file and the end of that it says I have to unzip the file. Evertime I do that it comes with an error message saying that it can't unzip the file. Contacted tech people yesterday and they played around and got it to unzip and started off the installation and then left me to it. Installation froze. I left it for a few hours and installation was still stuck. Used task manager to exit. tried again to reinstall but the same problem happened. When I opened the computer today I could open the new version and I recorded the installation Key. It gave me access to my file but when I tied to go from my home tab to my financial overview tab it locks up for about 5 minutes before it finally opens up that tab. Trried to contact tech support and they fobbed off to another department who told me there is no support for this product. I don't appear t have received my Hubb Investor downloadeither and I am receiving script error messages when accessing any of the help screens. I feel totally let down by Reckon. I want the full installation completed. What do I have to do. I have to go to work soon so I apologise if I don't respond to assistance.