Cosmic New Receipts Capture for Credit Card App coming for Reckon Hosted (Android and iOS)

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Cosmic Innovations will be soon releasing 1st beta version of CosmicBills to Capture Receipts (Credit Card Receipts) and sync to Credit Card Charge entry screen of your Reckon Hosted data file.

* Sync all Bunnings, Office Works any Business receipts that you need to capture immediately and get it synced immediately.

We hope to get it out by this end of Week.


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    Receipts Capture for Reckon Hosted (Credit Card Charge Posting) is now available for Beta testing .

    Copy and paste the above link into your email and send it to your Android Phone .

    Click on the link and follow the prompts for the app to be installed.

    The app can be only used for Registered users of CosmicBills for Reckon Hosted , new registration can be found at Reckon Add on market:

    For any one wishing to get the feel of this how it works, this is the Logins:

    User Name: Hellocosmic

    Password: Hellocosmic^1012

    This only allows you to take or capture your Credit Card Receipts , if you wish to see the posting to Reckon Data file ,you can call me on 0407068942 or email me at [email protected]

    Receipts like : Bunnings -Not too long , Office Works, Woolworths, IGA, etc can be tested.

    THE QUALITY OF RECEIPTS MUST BE GOOD .NO creases , fades , scribbled on it etc.

    This is a at a BETA stage , we hope this will help lots of businesses like tradies ,ETC.


    Soon to be published : Google and Apple stores

    CHANDRA : 0407068942.


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