when i updated my reckon personal it restored from an old version as my external hard drive was off

Rik Wallin
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When I recently updated my Reckon Personal it happened that the power cable had failed for the external hard drive where I store my backup.
When Reckon Personal installed it restored a twelve month old backup on my C: drive, so I've "lost" twelve months of transactions.
Although I've replaced the faulty power cable for the external hard drive and can see the bakup file I want to use, I can''t see how to restore it as Reckon Personal only shows me two backup options - the two most recent backups on my C: drive.
My thought is that I may have to delete Reckon Personal and re-install it, selecting the correct backup during the re-install process.




  • Kris_Williams
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    Doesn’t sound right to me but I don’t use that version, before you do anything drastic I would wait for a response from someone who knows more than I do 
  • Rik Wallin
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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Being short of time and somewhat impatient. I uninstalled Reckon Personal and reinstalled it. After several attempts I was eventually able to restore my most recent "correct" backup and I now have access to the correct information.
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