An Investment account incorrectly shows under the Bank and Cash group in Net Worth Report

Chris Couldrey
Chris Couldrey Member Posts: 1
Hi, a 25+ year Reckon user here. I'm currently using Reckon Home and Business 2020. A few months ago an Investment account of mine began incorrectly showing up under the 'Cash and Bank Accounts' group in Net Worth reports and not under the 'Investments' group as it should.  Has anyone else had this same problem?  Can you please help me get it sorted out?  Thanks.


  • 377326
    377326 Member Posts: 1

    I have been a Reckon user for 18 years and recently upgraded from Reckon Accounts Home & Business 2015 version to the 2017 version which has been working perfectly until last week when it started to reverse entries.

    For example when I paid my credit card the bank entry behaved correctly but on the Credit Card screen it increased the amount I owed instead of reducing it!

    But when I put a charge into that same account it decreased the amount I owed instead of increasing it!

    Has anyone experienced this unusual and annoying problem or should I give up on Reckon and buy a decent system from a competitor?