reckon accounts 2019 premier from reseller

we have been buying reckon accounts premier from a reseller and we are paying double the online price. the reseller charges for installations and migrations. we want to buy online to save up on cost but our reseller has our PIN. please help how we can purchase online?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,775 Administrator

    Hi @dsferrer

    Do you yourself have access to your Reckon account? Ie. Customer ID & PIN? I'd strongly recommend giving our customer service team a call so we can take a look at how your account is set up and change your PIN if necessary.

  • dsferrerdsferrer Member Posts: 3

    yes i have access to the software, all 5 of them. we don't know the PIN that is used to log into the e-store to renew our software. i have the reckon customer id and the ikc given to us in a form of purchase receipt. are data in the license information enough to provide so we can get our PIN?

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,775 Administrator

    @dsferrer yes that should be enough for our Customer Service team to identify you as the account holder and provide you the necessary info and give you access to your Reckon Members account.

    Give the team a buzz when you've got a chance and we'll straighten this out for you

  • dsferrerdsferrer Member Posts: 3

    i will try and call the reckon customer service team and post the result here. thank you

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