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I enter employee time (via timesheets) which I then use to process payroll and invoice customers.

I want to enter items that are paid as an employee allowance (eg mileage, sleepover allowances, etc) from the employee's timesheet, then use that data for payroll and invoices. It seems like this should be a simple thing to do yet Reckon will not allow me to select a payroll item that is classified as an allowance.

When creating invoices I click on Add Time/Costs and the time entered is available to bring into the invoice, but how do I enter the data that populates the Expences, Mileage or Items tabs in the Billable Time and Costs window?

When I enter allowances (eg mileage) through payroll it does not come through to the customer invoice even though i have entered the customer/job and the billing item against the payroll item.

Surely this is a basic function that many businesses would use routinely? What am I doing wrong?


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    Did you get an answer to this, as this is exactly what I am after also.

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    Hi Sheryl,

    No, I didn't get any responses. I have tried a few different things, like setting up dummy payroll items for allowances so that I can enter them on the timesheet (so they aren't missed accidentally), then manually adjust to the correct actual 'allowance' item when processing payroll, but this is clunky and doesn't work well. If I enter the mileage in the Enter Vehicle Mileage Tab (drop down menu under Company), it populates the mileage window so it can be imported to invoices, but does not carry it through to payroll, so MV Allowance for staff also needs to be entered again manually.

    I'm sure there must be an easier way, but I just can't see it. Let me know if you have any success.

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    Thank you for your reply because I didn't know where to find the mileage tab to enter travel to job with the company vehicles. Staff never use their own vehicles so it is not a payroll item I need to reimburse etc.

    I have Mileage to all the different sites we go to setup with their KMs as service items. I did just trial creating a Job Entry Time/Single Activity using the employee's name (that drove to the site), the job number, the correct Mileage service item, with no time. Marked as billable. This allowed me to pull it up on the invoices but under time (not Mileage tab) without adding extra hours to the staff member (which was happening to me earlier).

    I have dummy suppliers set up for other service items we provide, that need to be invoiced without adding extra hours to our employees weekly time sheets. That seems to be working, but not sure what if there will be any implications in the background.

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    I have re-read your initial query. I can't hep you as I don't use RAH for our payroll. For any extra costs that I want to bill customers, I set up as a service. So unfortunately, I cannot offer any relevant advice for your specific query.

    I do thank you very much for answering my query. Its given me the exact result I hoped for.

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    @KarenCIL & @Sheryl I'm wondering if you've not ticked the Allowances for inclusion:

    This should then cause the Allowance to flow through onto the Expenses tab under Time/Costs.

    For Mileage, you need to have an Item set up (either an Other Charge or Service-type) for on-charging this:

    This will then flow through to the Mileage tab. 

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    Thank you for the detailed pics Shaz. Karen got me there with her comments yesterday, but I certainly appreciate your reply.

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    Hi Shaz, thanks for your response. Yes, I have the mileage set up to flow through to invoices.

    We are a disability support provider. Our staff use their vehicles to transport clients. We charge the client per km and pay the exact amount on to our staff. I was hoping there would be a way to make these entries once only, ie enter km against a staff vehicle and have it flow through to both the client invoice and the staff pay.

    My other issue is that we invoice clients for some items (eg a sleepover shift at a set rate) and then pay the staff member a sleepover allowance. This needs to be set up as an allowance in payroll to meet Award / ATO requirements, but Reckon will not allow me to select a payroll 'allowance' item when entering data in the timesheet window. So then I have to manually enter the sleepover allowances in every staff pay check and also manually add all of the sleepover charges to the client invoices. Just frustrating that I can't enter them in the timesheet like a regular payroll item. Any ideas?

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