Billable Costs to payroll and invoices

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I enter employee time (via timesheets) which I then use to process payroll and invoice customers.

I want to enter items that are paid as an employee allowance (eg mileage, sleepover allowances, etc) from the employee's timesheet, then use that data for payroll and invoices. It seems like this should be a simple thing to do yet Reckon will not allow me to select a payroll item that is classified as an allowance.

When creating invoices I click on Add Time/Costs and the time entered is available to bring into the invoice, but how do I enter the data that populates the Expences, Mileage or Items tabs in the Billable Time and Costs window?

When I enter allowances (eg mileage) through payroll it does not come through to the customer invoice even though i have entered the customer/job and the billing item against the payroll item.

Surely this is a basic function that many businesses would use routinely? What am I doing wrong?

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