Reckon Accounts BAS Processing Procedures Webinar

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Hi everyone!

You're invited to register to attend the GST and BAS Processing Procedures webinar, hosted by Reckon & presented by Reckon Accredited Trainer Clayton Oates from QA Business. This unique event has been designed to help you, your accountant and bookkeeper understand the most efficient and cost-effective way to 'master' the BAS process within Reckon Accounts, including how to check that your JobKeeper and cash flow boost payments have been correctly recorded in your Reckon data file.

When completing your BAS process, there is a whole lot more work required than simply printing the BAS form. Discover the exact steps in order to streamline your BAS production with a proven system that saves you time and effort, including the vital 3 way BAS reconciliation that must be done in Reckon Accounts before finalising your BAS each quarter (or month). To accompany the webinar you'll also receive the 48 page “BAS & GST Processing Manual” complete with checklists.

There are two available session times -

Tuesday 13 October, 2:00PM - 3.30PM (AEDT) - Click below to register for this session

Thursday 15 October, 10:00AM - 11.30AM (AEDT) - Click below to register for this session

Bonus Offer - Register for the webinar and you will also receive the following. (Over $290 value for just $99)

  • The QA - Bookkeepers End of Month checklist (valued at $49)
  • A special BAS Hints & Tips Booklet (valued at $97)
  • The workbook for the webinar (valued at $149)
  • BAS Processing checklists.

By attending this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to check that you have the correct preferences setup for GST/BAS tracking
  • Learn how to make sure that your JobKeeper Subsidy and Cash Flow Boost Payments are correctly recorded in Reckon Accounts
  • Discover how to perform the QA - 3 Way reconciliation of your GST Reports, General Ledger and BAS Form
  • Find out how to Reconcile and Proof the Tax Payable (GST Account) on your Balance Sheet
  • Discover what reports to produce (and why) for each BAS period
  • Learn how to check for Opening Balance Issues in the file from prior BAS periods
  • Find out about the "BAS Journal" and how and why you should be processing it each BAS period
  • Receive comprehensive BAS checklists to follow each BAS period for both "Cash" and "Accruals" reporting.

All this plus much more for only $99.

Numbers are limited so register today to avoid disappointment.

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