House Loan account with additional repayments and available redraw

Hello - I am trialing Home & Business and am in the process of setting up my accounts / assets / liabilities.

We have a mortgage on our home, into which we make additional payments on top of the P+I, which we are able to access via redraw.  I have set up the property & associated mortgage under Property & Debt by creating the house first, and using the wizard to automatically generate a loan, and set it up with the correct details, including opening balance, interest, repayment schedule (for the scheduled payments).  I have also imported all transactions as a QIF, exported from the institution.

My question is this - the mortgage is showing the correct balance, but I can't find any way of displaying the available redraw.  Is this possible?  I do note that I haven't categorised the imported data (yet), and plan to in order to separate out incured interest etc.  Would I categorise the additional payments in this way, which would make the available redraw visible?

If I haven't set this up correctly & need to start again, I'm happy to do this - I just need to find where to start.  A search of the Rekon documentation didn't find anything, and googling found the following discussion, which makes me think it's possible, but it doesn't describe how to do it:


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    Any takers? My trial is almost up, and if I can't resolve this it's a bit of a deal-breaker...