Accessing data file after Reckon Personal Plus 2021 upgrade

Hi, After upgrading from Personal Plus 2020 to 2021, my data file is not able to be accessed. It is RKN file and Reckon is only accessing QDF files. How do I access my latest data file which is a RKN file?


  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)Robyn Kelly (Partner) Accredited Partner Posts: 554 ✭✭

    Try File - Restore Backup File - Restore Backup

  • ProssorjProssorj Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for assisting Robyn. I still cant find the file through that pathway. Do you have any other suggestion?

  • Gerry WinterGerry Winter Accredited Partner Posts: 318 ✭✭

    Call me on 0418907140 and i will see what can be done.

    Gerry 0418907140

    [email protected]

  • ProssorjProssorj Member Posts: 3

    Thankyou Gerry for sorting out my problems and training me in the process. Much appreciated.

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