“Page Scaling” in Personal Plus 2013 greyed after reinstallation

Every month since 2011 I have used the “Page Scaling” option in the Personal Plus “Print” box to fit at least one report to A4 page width.

Last month (Nov.) I had to move the Personal Plus 2013 program (from what had become an unreliable Desktops Parallels Windows 7 system) to a new Windows 10 system and the “Page Scaling” is now greyed out and unavailable. (I made the transition using my original 2013 PP CD and Reckon gave me the code to complete the installation. So it isn’t that I am using a ‘new’ version of PP2013.)

Exporting to Excel takes additional time and is unsatisfactory because the numerical data in the right-most Amount column is being duplicated in each of the columns to the left - The Description, Memo, Category, and Clear columns.

What do I need to tweak in the Windows 10 printer setup to restore the much valued “Page Scaling” option? (The response that “Page Scaling” was phased out since 2008 is not helpful because it does not in any way reflect my experience. ) Or is it something else I need to be attending to?

Thank you in anticipation for your help.



  • JimWestphal
    JimWestphal Member Posts: 2

    When I downloaded the printer driver (PS) that enabled Postscript printing, the ‘Page Scaling’ feature became available. (I had begun with the PCL6 driver - which ‘greyed’ the Page Scaling feature)

    However, instead of the image filling the whole page, it fills only about 65% of the page. The ‘Adjust to:’ only increases or decreases the size of image within the confines of this 65% of the A4 page.

    I think this problem is peculiar to the Personal Plus software. Both drivers (PS & PCL6) present MS Word pages as full pages (although there is no ‘Page Scaling’ option available).

    I have searched in the Windows ‘Settings’ ‘Devices’ ‘Printers & scanners’ and have not seen anything that might help resolve this.

  • Eric Murphy
    Eric Murphy Member Posts: 213 ✭✭✭

    I don't use this feature as I don't think it's ever been available on my version but haven't needed to either, although I'm using 2021. I'm certainly no expert but it sounds like the OS is the variable that has changed which would point to that being the cause?

    Do you still have access to Win 7 to verify if it will still work there?