How to create a report that shows estimates that are active (not yet turned into an invoice)

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You can create an estimate and change its active status.

An estimate transaction can then be turned into an invoice.

For example:

Lets say you have created two estimate transactions.

When they are initially created, their status would be 'active'.

It is up to you to decide what 'active' means for you, whether it represents an estimate that has been 'accepted' or simply an estimate that has been invoiced.

Generate a report called “Transaction List by Date”.

Modify that report to change headers, add additional columns and make changes to the filter that determine what transactions are displayed.


You can then make any other filter or date period changes before memorising the report for later re-use.


You should see a report like the example below.

When the estimate is ‘accepted’ and you can go create an invoice based on the estimate.

Once you have finished creating the invoice, you can go back to the estimate and uncheck the option to make it no longer active and Save & Close the estimate.


Then when you go back and generate/refresh the memorised report, you will see only the active estimates that have not yet been invoiced.

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