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End of day very slow on second terminal

For quite a number of years we have had Reckon POS Lite running successfully.

Recently we decided to add a second terminal.

The POS database is on the first terminal and through a network share, it is networked to the second terminal.

The problem is that the end of day process on the second terminal (the one that is accessing the POS database over the network) is very slow. It can take over an hour for it to complete whereas it takes minutes on the other terminal where the database is local.

Has anyone experienced this same issue and does anyone have any ideas what a solution might be?


  • Alexander McKeownAlexander McKeown Reckon Staff Posts: 53

    Hey Leandros,

    In terms of networking, is it physically connected to a network switch? Or is it connected over a wireless network?

    In either case, is it direct (Peer-to-Peer), or is it standard networking via router?

  • LeandrosLeandros Member Posts: 2

    Hey Alexander,

    Both terminals are connected via a network switch and its standard networking via a router.

    Any ideas?

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