Franked Dividend amounts missing

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Dividends are regularly entered in my Personal Plus dividend account but a recent trial run of the Dividend Report revealed that 4 dividend amounts are missing from the report although the corresponding Imputation credits, from early Oct. 2020, are correctly shown.

Can anyone please explain this unusual occurrence?


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    Go back and check the individual transaction to make sure they are done correctly and also check your date range of your report.

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    Four dividends in my 2020-21 Personal Plus dividend account are missing from the Dividend Report, although three corresponding Imputation credits, for March & April 2021 appear; the fourth omission is an unfranked dividend.

    Another Dividend Report, with an identical title, contains all four missing entries and nothing else.

    My normal saved Dividend Report is in a similar format to those produced in previous years and I can find no difference in the way the misplaced transactions were entered.

    Having tried to set up a fresh Dividend Report for 2020-21 tax purposes, my result was a message ‘Cannot find any transactions that match the current date and customisation settings’.

    Any help in resolving this most unusual problem would be much appreciated.

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    Further to my comment of 24 May, re Reckon Personal Plus 2020-21 Dividend Report – missing transactions

    All recent dividend entries were reviewed in ‘Split Transaction’ box. Missing entries  for ‘Franked Dividend’ and ‘Unfranked Dividend’ had no tick in a red circle. The dropdown ‘Income’ category was then examined.

    When the ‘Show hidden categories’ box was ticked, the additional options of ‘Franked Div’ and ‘Unfranked Div’ appeared. When these were substituted for the original entries, ticks appeared and the entries all appeared correctly on the Dividend Report.