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Hello, I have been recommended to contact Reckon Community for assistance. We have a very old version of Quicken 7 which I understand no longer has a help desk. I have made an error with my last reconciliation (hit the done button too quickly) and instead of the closing balance being DR, it is CR. The cleared transactions as still showing as uncleared and the system has automatically made a balance adjustment. Is anyone able to help me walk through what I must do to rectify. I am not an accountant so I cannot work through or work out how I go about fixing the problem. Thank you kindly.


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    Go to your chart of accounts and find the account Opening Balance Equity. There should be an amount in there on the day you did the reconciliation- delete it. Go back into your reconciliation and enter the correct closing balance and see what’s there? Happy for you to call me if this doesn’t get you out of trouble. I have to say it’s been a long time since I used Quicken but the process should be similar

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