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Reimbursable Expenses & GST

The long and short of my situation is that I can not figure out how to have the GST component included on a reimbursable expense on a customers tax invoice.

The billable item (aussie post shipping costs was $8.95 which includes the .81 GST) was entered as a bill as usual with the Customer:Job with the customers name entered in the dropdown box and the 'Billable?' box checked. The Supplier tax Code is selected as GST and the Amounts include tax is box is checked.

That bill was then paid which makes it's available as a billable item and all goes well to that point but when selecting the 'Expenses' button on the invoice top or the 'Add Time/Costs' button at the bottom; the amount shown does not include the GST.

How do I sort this issue?


  • berniedehmelberniedehmel Member Posts: 8

    Never Mind. Sorted it with a combination of an old Reckon Accounts - Troubleshooting post (Legacy KB ID: 4428) - "Invoice that contains a Reimbursable Group shows the total Reimbursable Expense incorrectly" and some closer scrutiny of what the invoice itself was displaying. Somehow, I think it shouldn't have been this difficult and an extra hour of my time wasted is a bit of an annoyance...

  • Gerry WinterGerry Winter Accredited Partner Posts: 404 ✭✭✭

    Take note, no expences should have GST as the tax code, maybe NCG or CAG.

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