Can you generate and download a Tax Invoice using the API?

shaun_cockerill Member Posts: 1

I set up an E-Commerce store which populates product data from Reckon and generates Invoices whenever an order is placed.

The client still needs to go in to view the Tax Invoice and choose the email option each time an order is placed. I'm able to send an email from the website, and while I'll be able to generate my own PDF files, I'd like the use the one generated by Reckon for consistency.

The <InvoiceQueryReq> doesn't seem to return the any files or links by default. Is there another query I can perform or would I be able to request for that particular type of data to be generated/returned within the query?

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  • Ifti
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    Hi Shaun,

    Thank you for your post.

    In the current version of the Reckon One API, you cannot email an Invoice. However, we're nearly done with the Invoice v2 API which will let you do that. We are hoping to release it in the next few months.