Supplier credits applied to invoice but not clearing the balance

We have a number of supplier bills with a small amount due - as per this open balance report

I have done the usual - pay bills, apply the credit, it all ticks off nicely, however on review the situation has not changed.

As another way of resolving this issue, I have gone back to the original payment and amended the amount applied to the invoice to clear the difference. Upon review this has not updated

Also tried creating a journal to accounts payable and reversing the same journal and applying a new credit to the old bill... and it still doesn't change- the open balance still appears as per the first screen shot.

I have also done a verify and rebuild. still no change.

How can this be resolved.? Look forward to your solutions.



  • Kris_Williams
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    This has been a problem over the years and sometimes there is no solution, at least for a couple I have seen. As these are both in the same financial year you could delete the credit note and change the invoice to reflect the correct amount. A negative item the same as the original item

  • JudyA
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    Hi Barbara,

    Is there an negative amount entered in the original bill at all? I tend to get this problem if I enter a negative line instead of raising a separate adjustment note. If there is a negative line, try adjusting the bill to the full amount and raising a credit (same date etc) for the negative amount. Then open the bill payment, use the credit and save. The net figure should be the same as the what you paid initially. Run the report again and see if the entries disappear.

    Hopefully that works for you.

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    @BarbaraK Looking at the Bill Payment screenshot, it appears that although the bill has been paid in full, the full payment amount just hasn't been applied ...?

    Go into the Bill Payment, untick the Bill its paying (to clear it), then re-tick it to auto allocate the full bill amount payable.

    Don't forget to Save the update 😁

    TIP: When a Bill & its Bill Pymt both show like this in an report, it means they haven't been "connected" to each other (eg allocated)

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  • Kris_Williams
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    Yes Shaz may have hit the nail on the head, give her suggestion a try

  • BarbaraK
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Liked your idea Shaz but ran into a few problems

    Unticked the bill payments against the invoice, then reticked, then saved. Issue remains

    Deleted the bill payment, the created a new bill payment. Issue remains

    Judy, I think you are right about the negative line on a bill. We create BCTI's and negative lines are required as part of this process. Its not happening on all bill payments. I have deleted the negative lines on the offending suppliers and created a credit note for the same value. Then applying the credit through bill payment has fixed the problem.

    Thanks to those who took the time to help out here. I appreciate your knowledge

  • BarbaraK
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    And further to this, I was able to identify that it only happened when the item code had an "E" or "N" tax code. Once I removed that tax code (as they were historical and actually had no impact on GST to declare) then the reapplying of the bill payment cleared the variance 😊