Rachael Bonello
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Hi Guys,

Its probably a stupid question but how do you know if you have accurately processed the above upgrade.

Currently using Reckon Accounts Plus 2020 and have upgraded but up the top it still says "Reckon Accounts Plus 2020" Should it now be saying 2021 if i have applied the update? What should the tax tables be also if update has been applied correctly. I followed all the steps :(((


  • GerryWinter
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    On the screen just press CTRL and 1 and that will give you most of the info.

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  • Anton Strauss
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    you may have started the old version, in my case it says 2021

  • Rachael Bonello
    Rachael Bonello Member Posts: 37

    Thanks guys all sorted!

  • Tony West
    Tony West Member Posts: 26

    Hi to all

    I have a similar problem to Rachael in as much the new 21/22 Tax table update will not load as it is looking for 2021 R1 while my product still has 2020 R2P. Please advise how you updated the release to 2021 R1

    Regards Tony

  • Kris_Williams
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    In the opening window it offers 2 versions, you will have to open the 2021 version and it will update the file

  • Tony West
    Tony West Member Posts: 26

    Thanks everyone all sorted.

    Regards Tony