Employsure giving people bad advice

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Employsure is an expensive subscription service which promises advice on IR and OH&S. They recently told one of my clients that the casual loading must be split out from the ordinary rate on payslips. If this is correct, someone needs to tell Fairwork.

The information on the Fairwork website is pretty clear.

Pay slips - Pay - Fair Work Ombudsman

You might want to think about cancelling your subscription to Employsure.

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    @Zappy Employsure have a bad rep in our industry - They were once ICB's recommended go-to as HR advisors but ended up in court for misleading clients into believing they were affiliated with FW & by misrepresenting their "free advice" to consumers when it was actually to generate marketing leads 😳


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    Kevin. It is interesting to see you raise this issue as somebody has raised it today under the Hosted Category and they are wanting to separate the the loading based on some information that they have seen.

    I do not readily agree with you that the information on the Fair Work website is "pretty clear". On the contrary, its wording seems to have a bad case of double dutch language. This is what Fair Work states, inter alia, regarding information to be shown on pay slips:

    • if the employee is paid an hourly rate:
      • the ordinary hourly rate
      • the number of hours worked at that rate
      • the total dollar amount of pay at that rate
    • any loadings (including casual loading), allowances, bonuses, incentive-based payments, penalty rates or other paid entitlements that can be separated out from an employee’s ordinary hourly rate. For example, a note could be included on a pay slip that the hourly rate incorporates the relevant casual loading.

    I have highlighted key sections. From that, it appears that Fair Work is suggesting that if one can split out the loading, which could be quite possible (generally 25%), then it should be done. My take on that would be that if the loading is 25%, it should be quite possible to split this out. The logic for this though is not something that I can see. But to go on further, the last part of the highlighted text indicates that one doesn't have to split it out but instead a note should be included on the pay slip to state that the hourly rate includes the casual loading. As I said, I cannot understand why they state one thing but give an option to do something entirely different.

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