Construction EBA and award problem

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I have a client who has staff who work different sites both commercial and domestic. Staff might work on commercial sites under an EBA which includes a higher hourly rate with a fixed super amount in excess of 10%. Or they may work on domestic sites which include the award hourly rate with the mandatory 10% super. Is anyone else out there working in the same industry? Can I implement this payroll in Reckon or do I need some thing like Keypay?



  • JudyA
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    Hi Zappy, we are a commercial construction company and have an EBA. We have work that is deemed onsite and offsite, but our employees are always paid the EBA rate. Perhaps your client should contact their state Master Builders Association with help on this one. But I would think the fixed EBA super amount would cover the 10% domestic rate regardless. You would have to read the wording of the EBA to check, but the fixed amount is probably not pro-rata'd and so if they work 1 day on a commercial site in a week, they would receive the full super amount anyway.

    Not sure if that helps, but I hope you can sort it out.