Annual Leave Loading on RDO Accrued


Kyle is on EBA 36 hours with 4 hours banked each week for RDO's. If taking annual leave do I pay 40 hours annual leave - less 4 hours accrued RDOS and pay leave loading on 36 hours or 40 hours?

Should they accrue 2.77 per week annual or 3.07 per week?


  • JudyA
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    Hi Tracey,

    Check your EBA wording to see if that gives you the information on how to process annual leave. We have employees on a 36-hour EBA and I have set up RDO's as two separate payroll items (RDO Taken & RDO Deduct). So on a normal week, they will work 40 hours normal time and I add the RDO Deduct line to their payroll and enter -4 hours.

    For Annual leave, RDO is still accrued, so if they take a full week of leave, it will be Annual Leave at 40 hours and RDO Deduct -4 hours. I pay Leave Loading on 40 hours. For accruals, I have 2.77 for AL and 1.38 for Personal leave. But this is all based on our EBA, so check yours to see if it's the same.

    I hope that helps.