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Brian Ford
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I regularly download statement data from my Amex. Then categorise spending and save the transactions. Today when doing this, I found the transactions 'disappearing' when I adjust and save. The balance of my Amex account remains correct, just the transactions are not there. I'll provide a screen shot. Interestingly it seems it's not showing any transactions where I have removed the ref 'TXFR' . (I need to do this every time I need to assign a Category). This issue is not happening with other accounts I track on Reckon. Any solutions? Cheers Brian Ford (Using a Mac with a virtual machine to run Reckon - been operating this way for 10 years +)

****Fixed (for now)

Tried running a report, missing transactions were on the report. Entered on that report transaction and all reappeared.

Not sure why this happened but for now it's all ok. Could be worth looking into why these transactions wanted to disappear when adjusting for future reference?


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