Upgrading from Personal Plus 2015 to Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2022


Looking to upgrade my desktop Personal Plus 2015 to the latest version, but finding it hard to get any detail about this product? eg what does it include these days? eg share price downloads? and if yes, is it just a one year subscription to this service? What else is New or improved from my very old version? Still compatible with Australian Tax rules etc?

Is it an easy upgrade from 2015 to 2022? or do I have to do a couple of steps between getting to 2022?

And is it like my old 2015 ver that it does keep working OK after the end of the one year licence , you just lose the share price download and tax file updates etc???

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  • GerryWinter
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    The upgrade is as simple as installing the new version, make sure you've got good backup to restore from.

    Don't forget to completely uninstall the old version first.

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