Remittance Advice doesn't show Reference Numbers or Credits taken - for Reckon One

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Hi Guys

I have just been advised by a supplier that the remittance advice in Reckon doesn't show the reference number? or credits taken? Their invoice number (usually entered in the reference area doesn't show at all only our bill number which is totally useless to everyone including me) so can we get this changed? also the remit doesn't show any credits that were taken at the same time (makes it hard for the supplier especially when you have a number of transactions)


  • Joydeep Singh
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    Hi Caroline,

    The details which shows under the remittance advice is from the payment of the bill. You can check the payment under Day to Day->Money out->Make payment. The fields which are available in the payment section should show up in the remittance advice. If you would like to show the reference please enter it under the reference section of the payment so that it appears under the remittance advice. If you have created a payment for a bill then you may generate a remittance advice. If you are applying adjustment notes then it will not appear on the remittance advice. Please let us know in case of any further queries


    Joydeep Singh

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  • CarolineS
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    No you have misunderstood what I am trying to say - where it says id on the remit it is the number generated by Reckon One (which means nothing to the supplier) I would like that to be the reference of "Each Bill" (which is the suppliers invoice number) I have put this forward as a suggestion as I cant see how you can do this

    the remits as they are atm are not any good for my creditors (suppliers to reconcile with)

    See attached - a copy of a remit