STP lodgement error message - period start and end issue

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Hello Reckon Team,

I tried submitting the STP file for our last payroll but it just did not work. I re-created the file from Reckon then re-uploaded, also failed to lodge successfully. We use Reckon Accounts Enterprises 2021.

The error message reads: 'Period Start Date cannot be after Period End date'. There are 13 lines with this error but the message did not indicate which employee/ line the errors are for.

How do we know which one to even look at to potentially fix? Is there a report that we can show the period start and end for a specific payroll date? Trying to avoid checking each line manually either in STP portal or Reckon itself. Any idea how to do or fix this issue?


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    Hi Nita

    Run the Statement of Payments report - This shows the pay period From & To dates as well as the Payment Date & can be modified further to rearrange/add/remove columns or any other data accordingly too 😊

    This report is under the Reports dropdown menu > Employees & Payroll

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    Thank you as always Shaz for your suggestion and help.

    I found the report in there and will do the reconciliation on the 'from dates' and 'to dates'. Hopefully will found the lines that are indicated as incorrect from that report. There is always something to learn, so thanks again.