RA Personal 2022

Good morning, I have just upgraded to the latest version of RA Personal (2022) from Quicken Personal Plus 2012. After installing and opening the new product I cannot see any difference at all from the 2012 version. Is it the case that Reckon has not modified / improved the product in the past 10 years?


  • Jean_10863058
    Jean_10863058 Member Posts: 1

    how did you upgrade to version 2022, I am having trouble finding the place to do this, and until I do I can't use my program.

  • 432670
    432670 Member Posts: 2

    Hey Jean,

    I purchased from the Reckon website, deleted my old Quicken 2012 and then installed the 2022 version. Once I put in the installation key code, the new programme opened with my existing password. Surprisingly I did not need to point to a file.