Pers Plus on PC to Mac

I've read earlier discussions on this topic but would like to clarify before I commit to either upgrading my PC or buying a Mac.

I believe PP does not exist for Mac and is unlikely to in the near future. Reckon One on Mac has been recommended but does not have a facility for stock and share transactions, a key part of PP for me.

Someone mentioned using Parallels on Mac which allows for Windows and thus my PP16, but I assume this is not supported by Reckon and I would also be concerned for my 20 years of data!

I am not aware of any Mac based software available in Australia to match PP and I'm not sure I would like to risk the transfer of data.

My conclusion at the moment is that because of Reckon's timetable (or lack thereof) for a Mac version of PP, I'm forced to abandon the benefits of a Mac, and upgrade my PC.