Mass IIF file upload for amended customer names

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Hello Team evening,

Just wondering if anyone has come across the use of IIF file upload for amendment or updating of Reckon customer names? I tested it earlier but just did not work It seems to be creating new accounts with the same customer account settings but no transactions under the new names. I will have around 92 customer names to update and we use Reckon Accounts Enterprises 2021.

A few redacted examples are shown below:

I also encountered error messages on some of the lines (got to line 37) before the system kicked me out of the session. 'You cannot change the type of a name or add duplicate name'

So my question is, seems that IIF file is not an option to do this mass name change. Is there a non-manual way to do this easily?

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  • PhuongDo
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    Hi @Dianita,

    From this error, I think one of the names (line 37) is already used in Vendor (or Employee). Please note that the entity name is unique between customer, vendor and employee.

    There is no good way to batch update your customer names, if you need to add new customers only, you can use the IIF import (as long as it follows the requirement above). Other than that, you would need a custom solution (using Reckon SDK), it is only helpful if you need to do this process every now and then.

  • Dianita
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    I thought so too, thanks Phuong for your help on the IIF file use for name updates.

    Also thanks and noted on the error lines. I suspect the names may have already been used in the other name lists e.g. supplier or employee lists.