A month’s data missing


I was about to reconcile my April work when I noticed the balance was wrong.

On checking I found out it had brought forward a total of the beginning of March. I had already done the BAS for that quarter. Then I noticed that all of March’s data was missing.

I was hoping if you could help me to recover the missing data. Otherwise I’ll have to redo all of March again.


  • Omar_ReckonLtd
    Omar_ReckonLtd Reckon Staff Posts: 81 Reckon Staff

    It sounds like you have been making changes to an older copy of the QBW and not the one that contained the March data.

    You would need to search your computer and any locations in which you may have copies of your company data file (QBW) or backup files (QBB / QBM) to see if you can locate where they all are, what their names and file sizes are.

    If you happen to find a copy of the file that may contain that March data, you would need to decide which is easier to do:

    a) In that file that does contain the March data, re-do the work needed for the BAS quarter to bring that file up-to-date

    b) In that file that does NOT contain the March data but has the BAS done, re-create the March transactions and other changes to bring that file up-to-date