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Hi everyone, I have just upgraded from Reckon desktop version to the hosted version. When I had the desktop version I was able to change the appearance of the font by overriding the DPI settings, however I cant find that option with the hosted version. This happens with every upgrade I have made regardless of browser, zoom, resolution etc.

Surely there is a way to make the font clearer. Its so blurry and old school. Help


  • Rav
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    Hi @carltonglass

    Reckon Accounts Hosted runs in the cloud so any visual changes you make will need to be done through the browser settings. This is different to Reckon Accounts desktop which was a local installation on your PC and therefore changes were required to the system ie. DPI settings etc as you've mentioned.

    Are you trying to make the text/font display bigger or is the text looking pixelated/blurry? Which browser are you currently using with Reckon Accounts Hosted? Google Chrome?

    If the text is looking pixelated etc and you're using Chrome check out the steps listed in the article below -

  • carltonglass
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    Hi Rav

    Thanks for the tip but unfortunately that did nothing. Making the font bigger doesnt make any difference, the font is still what I would call "thick" and old school which is unpleasant and blurry to look at. I dont want to change setting for my whole computer as its only reckon I have this trouble with, everything else is perfect. I have used reckon for many years and every time I have renewed it has gone back to this awful font. I have always been able to fix the appearance with the DPI settings but not with hosted.