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When entering a line item in an invoice (ex tax). The Unit Rate column does not round the amount (369.56522), but the Amount column does (369.57).

How do I get the Unit Rate to round to the nearest cent like the Amount?

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    That's correct FitzpatricksBrewing - this allows for GST/rounding adjustments to calculate correctly. This is particularly helpful when you want to charge out a fixed amount for a multiple quantity

    eg You agree to 12 x Item A for $ 2,195 + GST.

    This feature allows you to just enter the qty ("12") & the Total ("$ 2,195") & the system will automatically calculate & display the unit rate ("$ 182.91666") so you don't have to work it out.

    If this amount is pre-filling it means this ($ 369.56522) has been entered as the default rate in the Item itself. If you don't want the rate to reflect beyond 2 decimal places, you can just edit the Item's rate amount to $ 369.57 by going into the Item in your Item list & changing the amount to 2 decimal places there. It will then retain that.

    Another option - if you don't want customers to see unit prices, only totals - is to untick the Print option for the Rate & Qty columns in your invoice template(s) display:

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