How to get totals on <standard - three per page> Payslips?


We use Reckon Enterprise and print a weekly pay report for approval by the boss using the <standard - three per page> payslip option.

We have a total of 9 payslips = 3 pages.

6 Employees show a totals line at the end of Earnings and Hours:

3 Employees do not print this totals line:

Company preferences should apply to all payslips, so I do not believe that is where the issue is. If we print <standard - one per page>, the information is there.

Does anyone have any clues here?

Thanks :-)


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    Hi Cathy

    You're right - it is certainly strange. However, I think this may be a system glitch for the 3-per-page payslip template as I've just checked in the client file I'm working in at the moment & out of the 9 I selected to display, none of them displayed the totals line !

    I have to say, I rarely use this particular (3-per-page) Payslip template, mainly because to email them, the format has to be the single-page-each layout.

    NB: I use the Payroll Summary - set to Display Columns by Employee - each payrun date, to view/report the totals - as using payslips becomes impractical if employee numbers increase!

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    Thank you for the response Shaz, much appreciated.

    The Payroll Summary report definitely has the information required. I have saved it into an Excel workbook in an attempt to make it easier on the bosses eyes. With less than ten employees the <standard - three per page> is his preferred format, but we'll see.

    Have a good weekend!