inventory pricing control by import /export? is this possible?

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Hi community ,

I have taken over ordering and stock control and the way the previous person did it was to bring up each item and change both the cost and sell price of each item. This was so time consuming and doesnt allow for things like mark ups or margins etc. This used to be a yearly exercise and maybe 100 items. For the re-ordering they relied of staff entering a reorder item when the last one was sold which they often forgot to do. The order points were set up wrong in Reckon and anyway these dont show you the stock levels you need to keep so unless I run a sales report everytime I order from the date I last ordered each item I have no way of knowing what to order. I would love to be able to set a stock level and have reckon tell me how many I need to reorder. I dont think Reckon can do this? but love to stand corrected.

Now we have thousands of items and prices changing very few months surely they must be an easier way, is there an export import options - I cant seem to find one that will override the existing cost etc. To change all of these prices and reset the incorrect reorder point is taking an eternity manually.

Can anyone help me to find a better way to change cost and sell prices in this ever changing economy that we now live in.

Maybe others use an inventory control program that intergrates with Reckon premier?

all advice welcome.


  • PhuongDo
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    Hi Tilley,

    I have a small application called Item Management, it connects to Reckon Desktop and allows you to inline item editing, or import/export to an excel file. So you can export the item list to an excel file, do whatever update you want to do with the excel file and reimport the file back into Reckon company file. It supports updating all the standard fields (name, description, price, cost, re-order point, accounts) as well as custom fields. It also does quantity adjustments.

    And more importantly, I can customize the app to fit your need.

    Let me know if you are interested, I can arrange a quick demo session to show you.