How do I delete old Purchase Orders?

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We order a lot of products from Bunnings and unfortunately, Bunnings don't always put purchase order numbers on the invoices so I'm left looking through a lot of purchase orders to match up and sometimes, they don't always match up. How can I delete purchase orders that aren't being used and won't be used? We're going back years and I'd like them off my system. Thanks so much for your help.

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    Hi Rebecca

    Orders (SOs & POs) are both non-posting transactions - meaning they don’t impact any financials - so you can safely delete them, or mark an entire PO as "Closed". Where partially received, you can choose to "Close" specific lines in a PO by clicking in the Clsd column for each applicable line - This places a tick against it which RA recognises as manually "Closing" that order line.

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to do either in bulk from within the program itself, so you'll need to open each one & either Ctrl + Delete to delete, or tick the "Closed" checkbox at the bottom, then Save & Close > Yes

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    Oh Thank you so much. Yes this worked. I've only just had a chance to check it and now I can clean up all the PO's.