Tax Code N-T error


When entering an invoice and using the tax code N-T, I get the error "You will not be able to use this tax code because it does not have a sales tax item defined.

When I go to edit the tax code in Lists>>Tax Code List>>N-T, I get the following error this tax code has been used, you cannot change it unless you change all transactions, items, accounts, Customers and suppliers associated with it.

The Reckon file is new. Have imported the customers, suppliers, accounts and items from another Reckon, only one transaction using the GST code. Have checked all items, accounts, customers and suppliers and can't see the N-T code being used. Checked active and inactive.

any other ideas?



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    Hi megan

    N-T isn't a standard Reckon Accounts (RA) tax code - It's a manually created one (originally by a MYOB user I'm guessing as it's a MYOB tax code)

    In RA, default tax codes are income or expense-specific unless configured for use on both. This is because the system determines where they are reported on the BAS via the tax code. Transactions that are non-BAS-related - eg wages, liability payments, loan repayments, personal/drawings etc - generally have no tax code (although some people like to "create" a tax code - like N-T - for them, in which case it needs to be configured for use on income/outgoing transactions as applicable)

    Tax Invoices/Sales Receipts/Sales Orders in RA generally have GST, INP or FRE.

    Bills/Cheques/Purchase Orders in RA generally have NCF or NCG (& less commonly CAF, CAG or NCI )

    In your case, it looks like that N-T code was never correctly configured when created.

    Hope that helps 😊

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    @Acctd4 that makes perfect sense. when I was creating the new file, I imported all customers, suppliers, GL and items. Did not import the tax codes, as last time I did, we created huge issues with the GST going to a NO ACCOUNT general ledger.

    When I imported the list, the tax code N-T must of been on one of the lists and was created on import of that list.

    Have now downloaded the tax codes from the old Reckon file and imported only the N-T code from the list into the new Reckon file. Everything is working now.

    Appreciate your help.